How Stem Cells Are Addressing Hair Loss

Stem cells are often perceived as a controversial medical treatment. However, with our coveted Mesenchymal Stem Cell treatment, we can either use your own adult cells or donor cells for treatment. All stem cell treatments [...]

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What’s in PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma): PRP Explained

There are many different options available when it comes to hair loss treatments. So many, in fact, that it may become a little confusing. PRP therapy is one of Dr. Melamed’s most popular services due [...]

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Top 5 Causes of Hair Loss

There are several causes of hair loss and many of us are searching for a hair loss cure. Whether you’re considering transplants or non-surgical hair restoration, it is good to know the cause. Your best [...]

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Hair Restoration After Care

When you have invested in a treatment, such as FUE grafting, PRP, or Stem Cell therapy, it is important that you continue to look after the treated area. This will ensure a longer lasting result [...]

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